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Saturday, 9 January 2010

Six Pack Abs - How to Get It?

Do you want a six pack abs without fat? For many people, getting six pack abs is a difficult process because it requires high dedication and motivation. But a six pack abs is not impossible. Below is a complete guide to get six pack abs for beginners.

What is a six pack abs?

Six pack abs is a muscular shape that resembles the arrangement of six-pack the box in the abdomen or abdominal. Six pack that looks good is which has clear definition or sharpness and symmetrical.

How to get six pack abs?

The process to get six pack abs is actually easy. First, strengthen your abdominal muscles and remove body fat. The concept is easy, but doing it is not easy. This process requires dedication, determination, patience and plenty of time to get a six pack abs. But the results will be commensurate with your struggle.

In the six pack program formation, you need to consider 4 points:

1. Discipline in eating pattern, it means eating 5-6x a day, high protein, low carbohydrate and low fat. The objective is to increase the metabolism and sharpen our muscle mass.
2. A regular pattern of exercise, meaning exercise portion in a week are equitable for all sections of our muscles. For example we want to shape your abdominal muscles but still need to take exercise leg. Also, try to always put the big muscles (chest, back, shoulders, legs) at the first and then small muscles (arm, abdomen and legs) when trained in 1 session.
3. Enough rest pattern, meaning that we destroy muscle when training sessions and the rest will improve of our muscles become bigger and stronger. So that the quality and quantity of resting will help us achieve this goal.
4. Great Supplements pattern, which means that we must choose the right supplements that will help our program. For example in the Six Pack program, required supplements are protein (amino or whey protein) and fat-burner.


Nutrition is an important one in the six pack program. You can have one set of stomach muscles strong and big, but if the muscles covered by a layer of fat, you will not be able to see it. Separate your meal into 5-6 smaller meals each day to boost metabolism. Stop eating foods that hinder the development of six pack muscle like white rice, pasta, white bread, candy, ice cream, dessert, fast food, hydrogenated oils, sugar and high fructose corn syrup.

Eat foods that help to achieve your program goals such as: oatmeal, olive oil, whole wheat bread, fruits, vegetables, nuts, whites part of egg, natural peanut butter, chicken breasts, fish, protein, green tea and water.

Be realistic, you can not get the ideal body in 1-2 days. Perform diet correction gradually and orderly. In a program to get a six pack abs, the thing you need is a fairly healthy food. If you eat too little then the muscles will shrink. Whereas if you eat too much then the abdomen will be covered by a layer of fat so your six pack will not be visible.


* The ideal food is low-fat, low carbohydrate and high protein. Fatty foods is fried foods, kind of food that have simple carbohydrates are white rice, white bread, sugar, cake, ice cream and biscuits. While carbohydrates can be consumed is a complex carbohydrate like brown rice, oatmeal, sweet potatoes, and wheat bread. Protein foods are chicken, fish, beef, white part of egg, tofu tempeh.
* Processing of meat should be cooked with boiled, baked, not fried, using full-fat ingredients or use sugar. The salt is allowed, but in very small quantities (more recommended is diet salt).
* Serves on the menu can be customized to your body size.
* Time to consume the menu above is not binding, can be adjusted for the exercise in the morning. The important thing is try to eat 5-6x a day in small portions.


Supplementation that helps Six Pack program is a protein with low calorie and fat burning and also some products that help exercises process and the formation of muscle.


In the exercise, the most important is regular and equitable for all the muscle you have, although the aim is to form the Six Pack. Try in 1 session, big muscles get 9-12 sets and small muscles get 6-8 sets. Then order the big muscles first and then smaller muscles, unless you train 5x a week so you can split your muscle training.

Another thing to note in practice is a break between sets about 1-2 minutes. This is very important to keep pumping and muscles expand during exercise. Thus the total time spent in the weight training 1 session 45-60 minutes is enough.


* Exercise schedule can be adjusted to your time.
* Keep at least weight training 3x a week.
* Correct sequence is the weight training first and then cardio exercise to optimize fat burning.
* Schedule and days of training can be adjusted with the time available.
* Make sure there is a break between sets for 1 minute.
* Treadmill for entry into fat-burning zone is with combine 2 minute walking and 1 minute run. Can also be done with the technique of continuous brisk walking for 20 minutes constantly.

Abdominal Exercise

Abdominal exercises for building abdominal muscles is to increase the burden on our training, so that the abdominal muscles will be stimulated to grow and thicker.

Variations of abdominal exercises using tools such as:

* Cable Crunch
* Decline Bench Crunch
* Hanging Knee Raise
* Hanging Leg Raise
* Standing Oblique Cable Crunch
* Ab Wheel
* Rope Crunch
* Swiss-Ball Roll Out

Variations of abdominal exercises that do not use tools such as:

* Reverse Crunch
* Scissor Kick
* Curl Up
* Side Jackknife
* Straight-Leg Crunch
* Hip Thrust
* Crossover Crunch
* Leg Raise
* Twisting Crunch
* Seated Knee-Up

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