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Saturday, 9 January 2010

Best Way to Start to Get Six Pack Abs

Now I have six pack abs. Not to be conceited but really I do and know what to do to get them! There are so many misconceptions on how to get six pack abs. So you want to learn how to get six pack abs huh? Think there's some special magic trick to it? Well I've got a few tips for you that will get you thinking and if you apply them you'll get six pack abs before you know it.

Psychology to Get Six Pack Abs:

What? Why Psychology? The reason psychology is important is your own thinking behind how to get a six pack quick. You think it is all about a six pack abs workout huh? No, it's a combination of what you eat and how active you are. Remember that. It's a combination of your daily diet / what you eat and how much physical activity you have.

Healthy Diet x Exercise x Over Time = Six Pack Stomach

Notice the formula isn't:

Healthy Diet x Exercise x 1 day or 1 week or 1 week = Six pack stomach

To Get Six Pack Abs takes time. There's no magic 1 day pill.

It takes time but the way I do it it's not painful but gradual. Make gradual lifestyle changes that are easy and not hard. If you don't eat healthy normally then eating healthy takes time! You can't just switch over right away to a crazy no fat or low fat six pack abs diet. My belief is that there isn't a true six pack abs diet because we are all different and we enjoy different foods.

If you don't exercise very often or exercise at all then I can't tell you to go and blast your body with exercises for six pack abs like a 1000 crunches. Why? You'll burn out right away and give up. Anyone would if it's too overwhelming or stressful.

Application x Action: Apply this to your life

Again the two ways to get six pack abs are what?


I'm not telling you to diet. By diet I mean how you eat everyday.

If you have loose belly fat in your stomach area how do we attack that area? Although there is no way to spot train (yep, it's a myth) you must get rid of tummy fat by focusing both on your how you eat and how much you exercise.

Now tell me. What healthy changes can you make to your daily diet?

* Can you cut back on fast food?
* Can you eat more fruit?
* Can you have more vegetables?
* Can you cut back on soda?
* Can you drink more water instead?

DO NOT quit fast food or soda COLD TURKEY. It will burn you out and work against yourself mentally. I'm telling you to cut back. Not cut it out of your life. I enjoy fast food myself every once in a while. Sometimes I'll drink soda too.

Exercises / Sports / Physical Activity

For exercise you need to ask yourself what kinds of activities do you enjoy or what kind of sports did you used to play?

Didn't play any sports? Was there a sport you ever wanted to try but were afraid to? Check your local community college for a class. Trust me. You'll make friends and they are inexpensive.

How about walking at the local track field or around your community?

A local gym? It may be a little intimidating at first but I'm here to tell you that people are there to reach the same goals. You'll get energy from seeing other people workout at the gym.

Simple 5 minute six pack abs exercise:

Now do 3 sets of 10 crunches 3 times a week to start.

1. Lie on the floor with your knees bent 90 degrees with the soles of your shoes/feet touching the ground.
2. Cross your arms over your chest and look straight up to the ceiling.
3. Crunch up halfway....not all the way up. Breath out when you do so and contract your abs the entire time. Breath in when you go down.

Just 10 times and rest 2-3 minutes or less before you next set. Just 3 sets each time. So simple and just have fun with it.

Do this before a shower or while you're watching TV or even better, in the gym where people are watching.

This is the start of your journey to get six pack abs.

You will get more advanced and if you want to learn more then visit our website if you want more tips and six pack stomach exercises and the truth about how to get six pack abs. The key is long term applied action that won't burn you out.

If you apply our knowledge to your life YOU WILL REACH YOUR GOALS. Keep at it and most of all, have fun!

Minor adjustments will lead to major long term differences in your life! Small steps where you can easily adjust to will take you a long way cause you won't feel stressed or burn out. Make sense? If you're trying to figure out how to get rid of belly fat then take a look at our website for more concrete tips, exercises and motivational advice. Please visit: http://www.eFitStart.com/.

Remember, little adjustments long term make all the difference in the world. See you at victory lane!

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