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Saturday, 9 January 2010

Get a Six Pack and Here's How

To get a six pack is no mean feat. You can literally spend years doing the wrong exercises and totally getting nowhere. It can in fact set back your entire program if you do just one of your ab workouts incorrectly. So if you long to get a six pack (and who doesn't?), exactly how should you go about it?

To get a six pack with relative ease, there are very specific steps you should follow. For this you will need the advice of a fully qualified diet and fitness expert. Thankfully you won't have to hire Arnold Schwarzenegger. You can find all the advice you need in a reputable abs guide.

One such guide, The Truth About Six Pack Abs, has made a big splash recently. This program is highly recommended above any others by the most noted professionals in the field. I decided therefore to review the book to determine whether or not the program lives up to its reputation.

Mike Geary's The Truth About Six Pack Abs has taken the market for diet and fitness guides by storm. Currently, in 2008, it's the top selling book in this category online.

So what? Why should you care? Come to that, why should you get a six pack in the first place? Actually for quite a few reasons. Simply put, a six pack:

* turns heads
* boosts your energy
* makes you fitter
* supports your back

Most importantly of all, though, body fat reductions dramatically cut the risk that you will contract a life-threatening chronic disease such as diabetes, heart disease or cancer. Medical experts agree that excess stomach fat is more dangerous to your health than are fat accumulations in any other part of your body. That's hardly surprising, seeing as that's where most of the fat generally goes. It's not only aesthetically pleasing then but vital to have a flat tummy.

Okay, so you should get a six pack, but how will The Truth About Six Pack Abs help you do it?

It would be impossible in this brief space to give you a complete analysis of all of the book's contents. The best I can do here is to summarize some key points.

I'm naturally skeptical about writers who make the claim, as Mike Geary does, that they will only give you "straight honest answers." Throughout The Truth About Six Pack Abs, however, his tone and writing style project the air that he is doing exactly that.

Geary begins by reassuring you that The Truth About Six Pack Abs will work equally well for anyone of any age or gender who wants to get a six pack. He goes on to emphasize the vastly greater value of full body workouts over abs specific exercises. You can do most of his exercises, he asserts, without the use of a lot of equipment and certainly no machines. Just a stability ball and dumbells will equip you to perform almost every single one of the exercises he presents in the book.

Lest you assume though that to get a six pack is solely about doing exercises, Geary repeatedly stresses that the nutrition section he includes in his book is of vital importance too. In no uncertain terms, he warns that you will not achieve results unless you pay as much attention to your diet as to your training. He at the same time, however, assures you that if you can manage this, you will easily gain the sexy abs we all so wistfully long to have.

In fact, Geary doesn't so much speak of how to get a six pack but of how to bring out the abs that are even now latent within you.

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